"To boost blog traffic by repurposing amazing content for social media, meanwhile giving time back to bloggers" - Our Mission

Reece Lyons, Founder & CEO, posing awkwardly with a bag.

We hated marketing 😮

Ironic right? Effective marketing is one of the hardest components to running a business. We know that, you know that. It's so hard to get right and consistently remember to put out unique content and posts that actually engage your customers. It is a real chore.

Reece Lyons founded SendPilot to solve the problem of having no time for marketing his other businesses on social media, which is now essential for bringing in customers and raising brand awareness. His company had an awesome blog, but without any kind of marketing his efforts were dead on arrival. Reece decided to take what he already had - a great blog - and just repurpose it for social media. 

He had the content, the thoughts, the industry news, but it was all rolled up into extensive blog posts not suitable for social media, so he created an internal tool which split up the posts into social media posts. After doing a little research and presenting it to some small business owners, they were all hugely excited by the idea.

After many late nights, ☕  and a little ❤️, he had the first version of SendPilot. The posts were awkward and meaningless, with post snippets cut in half. It worked, but wasn't accurate enough. It was time for more ☕ and late nights. 

By integrating with the top machine learning company he was able to implement the best language processing tools into SendPilot and extract exciting snippets of content, and create meaningful, engaging posts with hashtags, backlinks, images and introductions that mimicked the posts of some top social media agencies.

That is how SendPilot was born. It has now grown to 90% accuracy (and increasing), with better human written post templates being added and more awesome integrations added to the Roadmap every week.

Our Team

Reece Lyons

Founder & CEO

Nigel Godfrey

Chief Technology Officer

Mateusz Barrington

Head Of Marketing

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SendPilot lets you upload any blog or content you have created for your business. It then analyses your text and picks out key sentences to create a series of posts. After you click the approve button, SendPilot then automatically schedules your posts using Buffer! It fully automates your content marketing on Twitter.