Grow your agency's capability, fast

SendPilot saves your team hours of work. No longer does your team need to waste over an hour per client every week writing social media posts - in just 30 seconds SendPilot turns their blog content into 12 month social media campaigns, or finds amazing content to share with their followers to boost engagement.

Manage multiple clients

Each agency plan gets 10 clients to start, which can be increased later.

Clients can log in and authorise you to manage their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram accounts without the need to share passwords!

Keep clients in the loop

Keeping your team and clients in order is important to growing your business. With SendPilot, this means you can manage 10 clients (or more if you need) who get their own branded client login portal and can log in and check progress at any time.

Secure access control

Agency accounts have privacy roles, like admin, staff and clients. Admins can brand the portal, add team members, manage billing and assign team to clients (or de-assign them). This means only the people who need to see client information can!

Works with your favourite social networks

Just automate it! 
Save time, money and effort

Create campaign

SendPilot lets you upload any blog or content you have created for your business. It then analyses your text and picks out key sentences to create a series of posts. After you click the approve button, SendPilot then automatically schedules your posts using Buffer! It fully automates your content marketing on Twitter.