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Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2018

Advances in technology and different kinds of innovations have made it easier to reach the world than ever. Along with this growth are shifts in customer expectations and business models. The demand for effective marketing work has indeed become stronger as audiences become more empowered by and exposed to various online platforms.

Alaykka Fowler

A Designer’s Guide to Enriching Client Relationships

As we approach a more technologically advanced era, competition has been growing and has become tougher among business organizations and freelancers alike. Business models and principles have also already evolved establishing a whole new set of expectations among clients. Because of this, both agencies and freelancers need to be mindful of their practices in delivering products and services to optimize client satisfaction.

Alaykka Fowler

How to Write a Good Website Copy

Writing is all about connecting with your audience. One way to determine effective writing is the emotions, thoughts, or actions invoked throughout a written piece. The same holds true in writing a good website copy. It is a mixture of letting your creative juices flow while keeping the client’s perspective in mind and influencing them to avail your products and/or services at the end.

Alaykka Fowler

How Much Should I Charge Clients For a Website?

Freelancing is a path we take to pursue our passions and professionally grow in them. Along with the opportunity to develop our skills in our areas of expertise, it is also a great way for us to earn cash that we both want and need.

Alaykka Fowler