Conversations to Conversions: The Magic of Social Media Engagement

Posted on
August 1, 2019

The ease of access to information in this generation has made it possible for all of us to discover products and/or services that we either want or need and connect with various brands online.

When we look at social media for businesses, we usually think of creating impressive content to increase brand awareness among audiences. While this is not necessarily wrong, using social media for brand exposure alone is not entirely the main driver of online sales. You can post all you want in different platforms but this does not effectively push people to avail of what you are offering. This is where social media engagement plays a major role in online sales conversions. Creating touch points with your audience can provide the essential push you need to make them subscribe to your offerings.

Fostering the right amount of social media engagement can bring you sales in many different ways.

One is through listening and monitoring. The internet provides numerous social media management tools that enables businesses to know what both prospects and clients are saying about them – what they are doing well and what they need to improve on. This can all be done through analytics and insights, two of the often overlooked things in social media marketing. While it’s nice to see page and/or post likes increase, they don’t automatically represent the entirety of how engaging your brand is to both your clients and prospects. Looking at your social media analytics and insights not only makes you aware of how your audience responds to your brand, posts, and campaigns, but it also helps you make informed decisions instead of shooting in the dark.

Another way you can boost sales through social media engagement is through regularly sharing content and being responsive to audience feedback. I’m not talking about those robotic auto-response templates here, but actual, personalized responses. Posting regularly, which you can do through auto-scheduling, makes your presence felt; providing personalized replies lets your audience feel the “human” aspect of your brand and organization. The more consumers are able to connect with brands on a personal level, they are likelier to feel the authenticity of your business in delivering its promised value. When you do this right, converting them into paying clients is highly possible.

Lastly, always include a call-to-action when promoting your products and/or services through your content. No matter how many times you post in a day, without a proper call-to-action, the probability of achieving sales will be in the lower end of the spectrum. This step kind of serves as a trial close to every prospect conversation. You just have to be strategic when placing this in a way that it doesn’t sound too pushy.

Starting and nurturing engagement with your audience is one of your tickets to sales success. Listening and interacting with prospects and clients not only lets you acquire feedback on your offerings. It also builds a higher level of authenticity on your end when presenting the value of your product and/or service and showing intent to help people with their problems with what you have. Let the magic of engagement work and close those deals!

Posted on
May 22, 2018

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