How to Increase Blog Traffic for Beginners

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August 1, 2019

For a writer, nothing is more disheartening than getting zero interaction on published write ups. Because who would want to spend hours and hours writing a blog post but not wanting people to read it, right? Sure, not everyone is going to be interested with the content that you’re creating but getting visitors and comments are like food for every blogger’s soul! As a beginner, the idea of promoting your site can be daunting. Where to even begin? Who should you reach out to? What sites are effective in driving more people to your website? Continue reading to know how to increase blog traffic.

1. Be on Social Media

Everyone is on Social Media and no matter what you’re promoting, these platforms play a crucial role in marketing.

Facebook: Facebook is the world’s biggest social media site today and promoting your site there will definitely increase blog traffic if you do it right. The best way for your blog’s success is to join blogging groups or groups that are related to the content of your site.

Pinterest: Pinterest is the perfect platform for content sharing and discovery. Did you know that a single pin is 100 times more spreadable than an average tweet? Because of this, more and more bloggers (including social media marketing influencers) turn to this platform to get more traffic!

Twitter: Twitter is not popular for driving traffic to websites BUT it is a great tool to get in touch with other bloggers.

Online forums: There are lots of forums available online and most of them cater to every topic imaginable. Sign yourself up on these forums and promote your posts!

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2. Be Active in Your Niche

When you’re starting out, it’s important to let other bloggers know that you’re there – kind of like knocking on their door to make your presence known. So read their blogs, leave comments or suggestions and guest post for them, also letting them guest post for you. Engage with them because these people can help you promote your blog.

It is also important to update regularly. Once or twice a week is enough. Because if you let a lot of time pass without posting new content, people will assume that you’re really not serious in building your blog and your readers will move on to more active writers in the blogosphere.

3. Learn Basic SEO

Learning SEO or Search Engine Optimization seems like a huge task especially for those who have no background on it. In a nutshell, it is optimizing your content so they would appear more on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Here’s the first easy things you need to do before delving into the more complex world of SEO.

Make quality content

The content that you are making should be your primary focus. It should be original, unique and relevant!

Use Keywords

When a person searches up something, they will type it in the search engine tab and that is a keyword. You need to include these keywords in your article so it will appear in the top results of search engines. However, do not overuse them because Google may flag you as a spam blog.

Link back to yourself

When creating new content, it is important to put in links of your previous articles. Be sure your links are appropriate and are actually related to your new post.

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4. Include Visuals

Visuals, like photos, Pinterest pins, infographics and videos get more clicks. Make sure to remember this when you’re promoting your blog. The web is full of content and yours will get lost in it if you won’t try to make it stand out!

5. Advertise a little

Do not be afraid to spend a bit of money to get your blog “out there”. The best thing about ads, be it on Facebook or Google, is that you can spend an amount that you are comfortable with. BUT remember that advertising is risky and you need to target a specific audience for it to be worth it.

These are just some basic tips on how to increase blog traffic. There is much MUCH more to learn if you want to make it big in the blogging world. But if you take these simple tips to heart, you will definitely see the positive changes in your site’s analytics.

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July 30, 2019