What To Blog About: A Beginner’s Guide

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August 1, 2019

Deciding to start a blog is one thing. Figuring out what to blog about is another.

If you don’t plan on monetizing your site then it’s fine to start your blog with no real focus. But I believe most of us venture into blogging to make money out of it. Therefore, you need to think about what blogging niches can effectively generate income.

There are tons of topics to blog about and you can always start a blog talking about anything. However, these types of blogs are often unsuccessful. People search the internet to solve something and if your blog offers no solution to a problem then it will be nearly impossible for you to gain the readers’ interest.

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The General Rule

A good rule of thumb in choosing what to blog about is to go for something that you know and love. There’s a reason why experts always say that you should blog about the one thing you are truly passionate about. You are more likely to spend time creating content because you actually enjoy it and you are less likely to run out of ideas.

When you write about something that you love, it shows. If you choose a blog topic on the sole purpose that it is profitable, there’s a higher chance of burnout in the long run. Since you need to constantly create content, your blog will start to feel more like a chore rather than it being something that you enjoy.

Readers can tell if you enjoyed writing your piece or not.

I’ve been writing for most of my life and base on my experience, a writer’s frame of mind while writing greatly impacts the output that they produce.

So, if you write about something that you love, this will translate to your readers and their experience while reading your blog will be a positive one.

How To Find Your Passion

Marketing For Pros shares great advice on how to find what to blog about.

  • What are your hobbies – think about what you do in your spare time – knitting, reading, and etc.
  • Combine your talents – if you’re a great writer and also love watching movies, why don’t you try to write a movie review.
  • Trying new things – don’t be afraid to try something new. For example, a new sport activity, learning a new language, and etc. As a result you could surprise yourself by discovering a new skill. Its sounds exciting, right!
  • Get out of your comfort zone – beat your fear, for instance you can try extreme sport or if you’re a terrible dancer go to disco and dances all night!
  • Travelling – if you need to “recharge your battery” travelling is the best options. New places, new culture, new food, I’m sure you will definitely full of energy.
  • Follow your curiosity – be a child! Always ask and never give up! Always looking for answers.
  • Explore your artistic side – learning a musical instrument, enroll in art classes, acting classes, and etc.

You can read the full post here.

Take the Leap

Don’t think too much and just take the leap. It’s much better to start something and learn from mistakes than it is to not get started because of the fear of failing.

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If you want to venture into another niche, you can always do that! There’s no rules in jumping from one niche to another in blogging. The important thing is that your posts are actually helping someone. If you put in the effort in making blog articles that offers solutions to problems then more and more people will be interested in hearing from you over time.

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July 6, 2019

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