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SendPilot curates viral articles and video content using your search terms, then turns them into ready-to-post social media posts with introductions, content snippets, call to actions, images, intelligent hashtags and backlinks! 

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Finding great content used to take hours, now it takes seconds

SendPilot sources content in your niche, then turns it into full bodied content marketing posts ready to share on your social media.

Stand out from the crowd

Drive traffic and establish yourself or your clients as an authority in their industry by sharing the latest viral content, repurposed with your own brand voice and style all automatically.

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Get your clients more engagement

Boost your clients' engagement on social media by sharing the best content sorted by vitality and repurposed for your social media posts with unique phrasing and hashtags, all written in seconds with our powerful AI.

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Stop searching Google

Discover is like a search engine that not only finds relevant content and video, but goes further and transforms it into social media posts with content introductions, images, call to actions and hashtags.

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Find content to share in seconds

We have built the Google of content curation! Just search your niche and SendPilot will curate the latest articles in that niche, then automatically create ready-to-go influencer marketing posts tagging the source for extra engagement! 

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Curates content in 8 languages

SendPilot is able to read articles then write posts in the 8 languages below! It is also able to curate the latest news in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese!


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What are you waiting for? SendPilot helps you start a new business, or scale your existing agency using our powerful AI powered solutions.

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