Is this a social scheduler like Hootsuite?

NO! We are not a social media scheduler. We actually solve the problem that comes before the scheduling - the writing of the posts! Our system is so intelligent (thanks to machine learning and our hard work) that by analysing your blog articles it can actually write your social media posts for you, then it schedules them. So you literally don't have to do anything!

Is it like a virtual social media manager?

Yes, its like having a robot as your social media manager but only paying them $29 a month instead of thousands! Plus, as its using your content you can be confident the posts are always on brand for your business.

Why is it so cheap?

We want SendPilot to be affordable for everyone, from larger companies to tiny one person bloggers, so we keep our prices competitive and offer higher priced tiers for more demanding users.

Why would I use SendPilot?

Let us ask you this: would you like more time to spend with family and friends or on your business, or would you like to waste it writing hundreds of posts out and then forgetting to actually post them at the right time? SendPilot is like an elephant, it never forgets.

Do you connect directly to my social networks?

Yes! We connect directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, with Google My Business and Pinterest coming soon! 

How does it work?

Not to get too geeky (although we will if you ask), we use the best machine learning technology to analyse the language in your blog articles so we can extract content rich snippets that are likely to appeal to your followers and then combine that content with human written post templates that introduce your content or let your followers know you've published something new. You can even create your own post templates to replicate your brand voice!

Connects Directly With Your  Favourite Social Networks