Relax knowing its all sorted

We built SendPilot so business owners can quickly upload the real content they put focus on, like blogs or Medium articles, and then have their virtual social media manager create and schedule a campaign for them automatically. And it works awesomely. 

Now you can spend more time creating deals, pitching clients and making more money instead of writing hundreds of posts manually.

Scheduled to bring people back

SendPilot automatically schedules your Tweets so that your followers get a refresher on the content you posted in the past, which can bring back existing readers or entice new ones for you to turn into customers.

We schedule posts over 1, 7, 30, 60, 90, 120, 200, 240 and 365 day periods. A full year of drip content, sorted in less than a minute.

Perfect for client work

Run a social media agency and want to offer more posts per client? Why not automate it - your customers will never know you use SendPilot (unless you tell them). 

The content is taken from their own blog posts and articles, so its always relevant and on point for their business.

Watch Those Sales, Shares & Traffic Grow

SendPilot uses a powerful analysis system to write posts that are proven to engage and boost traffic back to your site using call to actions. For real examples, see our homepage.

Its written by a robot, who was taught by a human. Plus, if you want to edit your post before scheduling, that takes two seconds in SendPilot. You can even regenearate posts with one click or create your own template library for use in your posts to convey your brand voice and tone!

Works with your favourite social networks

Just automate it! 
Save time, money and effort

Create campaign

SendPilot lets you upload any blog or content you have created for your business. It then analyses your text and picks out key sentences to create a series of posts. After you click the approve button, SendPilot then automatically schedules your posts using Buffer! It fully automates your content marketing on Twitter.