Promote & repurpose your blog articles for social media

Turn your clients' blog article into a 12 month social media campaign designed to drive traffic to the article over the year, in just 30 seconds.

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Blog content should bring you traffic and sales, all year round. Now it does

Writing blog articles takes effort, but promoting them on social media doesn't with SendPilot.

Turn each article into 12 month campaigns in 3 clicks

Previously, you'd either not promote articles at all, wasting all the effort and money spent creating it, or you'd spend hours writing posts and scheduling them to promote that content.
Now, SendPilot will do it all for you, including introducing the content, adding a call to action to drive clicks, inserting images and intelligent hashtags based on the content and even scheduling it all out! 

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Connect RSS feeds to autogenerate social media posts for new articles

Paste in your clients' blog RSS feed and SendPilot will continually monitor for new articles. When your clients update their blog, SendPilot will automatically repurpose the blog article into a 12 month social media campaign designed to promote it and drive traffic, then send you (or them) a Whitelabel email saying the campaign is ready for review, editing or scheduling! 

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Focus on sales & growing your agency, not writing content marketing posts

Put your content marketing on full autopilot and refocus your team's efforts into growing your agency, improving customer relationships and getting more sales. Agencies shouldn't waste time on repetitive tasks like content promotion, and SendPilot offers the most accurate way to automate that process with the best quality results.

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Understands & repurposes articles in 8 languages

SendPilot is able to read articles then write posts in the 8 languages below! It is also able to curate the latest news in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese!


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